Middle Learning Community

Welcome to the Middle Learning Community

The Middle Learning Community (MLC) at Mission Heights Primary School caters for Years 3-4 students within 9 Learning Zones. The MLC is led by the Assistant Principal, a team of 9 teachers, 3 learning assistants, teacher aides and specialist staff.

Below is a list of the current Middle Learning Community teachers and their contact e-mail addresses.

Ahi Studio

Renlen Bolland Year 3 LZ22 rbolland@mhp.school.nz

Rifat Mohammed Year 3 LZ23 rmohammed@mhp.school.nz

Emma Passmore Year 3 LZ24 epassmore@mhp.school.nz

Ngahere Studio

Richard Compbell Year 4 LZ25 rcompbell@mhp.school.nz

Lauren Marais Year 4 LZ26 lmarais@mhp.school.nz

Marcella Djongianto Year 4 LZ27 mdjongianto@mhp.school.nz

Forest Studio

Ashlee Morse Year 4 LZ28 amorse@mhp.school.nz

Natalie Miller Year 3 LZ29 nmiller@mhp.school.nz

Renuka Lal Year 3 & 4 LZ30 relal@mhp.school.nz