Meet the Travelwise Team 2017

This is the team that is responsible for our Travelwise initiatives this year. They will be looking for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint and encouraging students to join the Walking School Bus. Mission Heights Primary is a Gold TravelWise school and our focus is sustainable and safe transport for our students and families.






Zara the Zebra was @MHP one afternoon – and did she cause a stir! Here are some of the highlights of that memorable afternoon.

The team was ready and waiting for her at Reception.

And then outside Reception waiting for our first glimpse of Zara.

Mrs Vohra as always got involved and joined in the fun.

The moment when Zara met the other Zara!

Stepping out with our Community Transport Coordinator.

On Jeffs Road to highlight the need to use our zebra crossing.

We had heaps of fun crossing with Zara and we are already looking forward to having her with us again!

Our Walking School Bus  coordinator spent some time with three of our students training them on how to be Student Leaders. Here they are at the end of their training session. You will see them walking with our students and of course with an adult.

Sadly Rhonda will not be operating her route anymore as she has other commitments. We take this opportunity to thank Rhonda for her dedication and wish her well. We welcome Michelle who is no stranger to our school as she used to be a staff member. She will be operating Rhonda’s route in the mornings only. You can contact Michelle by email:

During Road Safety Week you would have seen our team around our ponds presenting lollies to parents who parked responsibly around our school.

The team returning after a hectic morning of handing out lollies and holding up signs to remind our community to Slow Down.

Our bay is manned by staff at drop off and pick up times.

Our community is aware of the need for booster seats.

Leading by example is our principal Mrs Vohra who carpools every day with one of our admin staff.

Our school van arrived just in time for Road Safety Week.  We will be using it to transport teams to their various events. It will make a huge reduction to our carbon footprint.

In fact quite a few of our staff carpool as well.

Our Year 1 students wrote about what safety meant to them.  Have a look at what they had to say.

To start off Walking School Bus Week, Wanda the Walking School Bus mascot walked with us on one of our regular routes.  We were a fairly large group and we certainly made our community aware that they share the road with young children. To maximise the visual impact of the walk with Wanda our students wore Funky Footwear.

Here are some of the creative ideas our students came up with for Funky Feet.

Our teachers got into the act as well!

Mrs Vohra wandered off with Wanda and we had to get her back!

She stuck as many pom poms as she could onto her shoes. Cute!

Four of our team members represented our school at a Travelwise Student Workshop and came back brimming with ideas to implement.

With Mrs Vohra before we headed off to the workshop.

Ready and waiting in our team colour groups.

Testing each other with our slow cycling skills.

With our community constable.

Planning a strategy to implement with our Community Transport Coordinator.

Mrs Vohra joined the team in the very first week of school when we held up placards to remind our community to slow down and keep our kids safe.

Here we are on the opposite side of the road to get the attention of drivers going the other way.

Returning from our duties with big smiles. Parents honked and high fived us. Mission accomplished.

We put our best efforts into reducing our carbon footprint right through the year and were acknowledged as a Gold Travelwise school at the Annual Travelwise Celebration. Go school!


This is us hopping across the stripes en route to the Wynyard Quarter.


We celebrated our Walking School Buses with an ice block treat with Wanda the Walking School Bus mascot.


Here are our Walking School Bus operators with our regular walkers.


We entered a poster competition and won a Big Foot Adventure for our Year 4 and Year 6 students.


The zebras arrived at MHP and we highlighted our zebra crossing on Jeffs Road with these adorably cute zebras.


We celebrated our Walking School Buses by having a Milo and doughnut morning at the end of Term 2. Here are a couple of pictures from that day.



During Road Safety Week you would have seen our team holding up placards reminding our community to Keep Our Kids Safe. They rewarded parents who parked responsibly around the Mission Heights Reserve. Here is some photos of our team presenting Coffee Vouchers on the very first day of Road Safety Week.





We reinforce the idea that carpooling is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. Of course walking is the best way yet.

A team of four students attended a Travelwise Student workshop. They identified parking issues and came back with a plan to implement their solution. Here they are at the workshop. They shared back at assembly, through newsletters and the school website.


They experienced using speed cameras and noticed how drivers slow down when they see hi-vis vests.


Thinking up a catchy slogan to remind our community to avoid parking on yellow lines


They came up with “Yellow lines are cool, they’re just not for you.” “They’re yellow for a reason, just never in season.”


Safety at the School Gate  is a partnership programme run with Auckland Transport. The aim is to improve safety around the school gate for students who are put at risk by drivers who park illegally.

Please be aware that parking officers will be on patrol and you must park safely. They will not be issuing warnings and will be ticketing  drivers who are illegally parked. Thank you parents for your commitment to keeping our students safe.
On another note, Joy Luo entered a writing competition and won us a visit from Jerome Kaino the Captain of the Blues. He walked with the Walking School Bus during Walking School Bus Week. It was Hilarious Hats day as well. We must have made a strange sight that day, Jerome in the midst of a sea of hats!


Jerome with some of our parent walkers and Joy.


Jerome walking with our students


Mrs Vohra and Mrs Norton

To celebrate our success at reducing our carbon footprint, Auckland Transport presented us an enormous cake. Here it is! Thank you Allison!








Our Walking School Bus operators were acknowledged at the Celebrated Citizens Celebration. They were presented with a certificate and movie tickets. Thanks so much parents, for all that you do for our school. Your commitment is very much appreciated.



We highlighted our zebra crossing on Jeffs Road with these adorable zebras! This made the community aware that they needed to exercise caution when approaching a crossing.


Wanda the Walking School Bus mascot walked with us to school one morning. All four Walking School Buses joined us on Jeffs Road and then headed to the quadrangle where Wanda high fived our younger students. It’s always a pleasure to have Wanda in our midst.


Auckland Transport arranged scooter training for us. Allison and Liz demonstrated the correct use of helmets, made us aware of potential hazards en route to school and instilled sound safety practices.


We have scooter racks at school and students are welcome to scooter to school and use their own locks to secure their scooters. Students must wear helmets – these are to be worn with the pointed end at the back, two fingers above the brow, one finger between chin and chin strap and straps around the ears in a V. They need to be alert for sneaky driveways and wheel their scooters across roads and crossings.



Please use the school crossings when crossing Jeffs Road and Valderama Drive. Parents please remember to drop your speed to 40km during drop off and pick up times. Please note the road patrollers on Jeffs Road are on patrol from 8:00am till 8:30am. Then again from 3:00pm till 3:20pm.


Mission Heights Walking School Bus Map July 2016. Please click on the link for the map and contact details of our wonderful parent helpers.

This map provides a bird’s eye view of parking spaces around  our school at drop off and pick up times.














The map below gives you an idea of how long it takes to walk to school from various points in our community. The red zone takes 5 minutes, the green takes 10 minutes and the blue zone takes 15 minutes. Our students actually walked these distances and timed themselves to provide you with this map.