ACE stands for curriculum enrichment activities that cater to the Abilities, Curiosities and Essential learning needs of students.  The ACE programme allows for personalisation of learning across all areas of the curriculum. ACE will run in the afternoon block from 1:30 pm to 2:40 pm.

The ACE programme caters for all students and teaches them how to be proactive in managing and taking responsibility for their learning. Learning opportunities include learning a second language, project based learning, training for sport, preparing for academic competitions or cultural events, and pursuing personal passions and interests. The ACE programme is used to help boost students who are struggling in a particular area, and also to extend those with strengths.

ACE meets the needs of students, and is based on their interests.  As such, it is flexible in nature and scope, and students have input into its design.  The programme allows the school to make full use of the strengths and interests of teachers, other staff, and members of the wider community.