Digital Technologies

Students and teachers at Mission Heights Primary School  have access to a wide variety of hardware and software technologies to represent information in multiple formats and media; to provide multiple pathways for students’ action and expression and to provide multiple ways to engage students’ interest and motivation to achieve excellence in learning and teaching.

Netsafe Evening 2017


At Mission Heights Primary School teachers have access to professional development so that they can use these information and communication technologies effectively with students in learning programmes and so that students become independent and active users of the technologies. Learning Zones are digitally-intense environments where students have access to use a range of technologies in appropriate ways at every available opportunity. Information and communication technologies are integrated into the curriculum wherever their use makes skills and knowledge more accessible, more stimulating, more relevant, more authentic and of high quality.  Teachers recognise that students are often more capable, confident and creative than adults in the use of of these technologies and these skills are capitalised on whenever possible.