Junior Learning Community

Welcome to the Junior Learning Community


The Junior Learning Community (JLC) at Mission Heights Primary School caters for all Years 1-2 students within 10 Learning Zones. The JLC is led by an Assistant Principal and includes a team of 10 teachers, 3 Learning assistants, teacher aides and specialist staff.

Please find the contact details below for our JLC teachers:

Fire Studio

Sharon Garimella Year 2 (LZ 7)

Helena Kim Year 1 (LZ 8)

Water Studio

Rozleen Khan Year 1 (LZ 2)

Manjula Bhattacharya Year 1 (LZ 1)

Stephanie Thompson Year 1 (LZ 3)

Earth Studio

Nadine Fiebiger Year 2 (LZ 6)

Mikayla Taiapo Year 1 (LZ 5)

Teagan Bartlett Year 2 (LZ 4)

Air Studio

Ruth Cooper Year 2 (LZ 12)

Svetlana Banerjee Year 2 (LZ 11)

For any other issues regarding the Junior School please contact Miss Fiebiger (Assistant Principal JLC) –