Our school uniform which is worn with pride by all Mission Heights Primary School students and is available from John Russell Schoolwear, 9 Moore Street, Howick, telephone: (09) 534 9373.


We would appreciate every item of clothing being named clearly so that lost items can be promptly returned to the correct owner as we do not store lost property.


Ear studs (plain, and only one in each ear) and watches are allowed but no other jewellery is permitted as it can be dangerous or a hazard.


We would appreciate students coming to school in a clean, well groomed state. Make-up including nail varnish and skin adornments are for weekend wear. Black hair ties are appropriate for tying back hair of collar length or longer. Hair should be tidy and appropriately groomed for school and free of hair colourings, gel and extreme styles.


We are a sun smart school and all students are expected to wear their school hat before, after and during school time when outside particularly in Term 1 and Term 4.


Summer Roman sandals and winter school shoes are available from Hannahs, Number 1 Shoes and Milan Shoes, Picton Street, Howick. School shoes should be black, flat and have laces or a strap.  Please ensure that they are polished on a regular basis.


The boys are to wear black approved school socks. The girls are to wear approved black ankle socks or black opaque tights.  This does not include footless tights/leggings.

Additional Information

Any hair wear such as scarves are to be plain black.  Girls are not to wear footless leggings to cover their legs, they must wear black opaque tights. Please see the Principal if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Please refer to the Enrolments section for a full description of the school uniform.