At Mission Heights Primary School, we are excited to welcome students from around the world. Spaces for International Learners are strictly limited and managed by our Board Of Trustees to ensure every International Learner we accept is able to be supported in the best possible way. Located close to the airport and beaches, we are also in close proximity to the new Ormiston Town Centre.

Our classrooms are vibrant and inspiring places for all learners, with individualised learning programmes developed by our teachers to meet the specific needs of all our diverse learners.   International Learners engage with the full New Zealand Curriculum with their teacher and are supported by our range of specialist ESOL teachers and Learning Assistants.

Our School Motto is: ‘Growing Excellence’. At Mission Heights Primary School ‘Growing Excellence’ is about developing a habit; it is not a single act. Our vision is to enable students to achieve excellence in learning and in life by providing a rigorous, engaging, challenging and future-focused curriculum. Expecting excellence for all at Mission Heights Primary School is aimed at inspiring and directing students’ best efforts within the classroom and beyond to become active, positive and productive future citizens in a rapidly changing world.

The Code of Practice

Mission Heights Primary School is bound by the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 published by the Ministry of Education.  We are excited to welcome international students from around the world to our beautiful school. Copies of the code are available from this institution or from the NZ Ministry of Education website at

Studying as an International Student in Auckland looks like…..