Enrolments are welcome for students living in the Mission Heights Primary School home zone at all Year levels.


Students must live in the school zone for a minimum of one school year from their starting date.

Please note that Mission Heights Primary School’s zone is different to Mission Heights Junior College in some areas as both schools are independent of each other.

We regret that no out of zone enrolments will be accepted until further notice. Please call the school office on (09) 277 7888 to confirm you are in the school zone before proceeding with the enrolment and to confirm which documents are required to show proof of address.


There are two intakes each term for students who turn 5 in order to ensure a smooth, well prepared transition to school.

New Entrant Dates for 2023

Term 1

  • Intake 1 : Tuesday 7th February
  • Intake 2 : Monday 13th March. Preschool visits on 28th Feb and 7th March

Term 2

  • Intake 1 : Wednesday 26th April. Preschool visits on 21th March and 28th March
  • Intake 2 : Monday 29th May. Preschool visits on 16th May and 23rd May.

Term 3

  • Intake 1 : Tuesday 18th July . Preschool visits on 13th June and 20th June.
  • Intake 2 : Monday 21th August. Preschool visits on 8th August and 15th August.

Term 4

  • Intake 1 : Tuesday 10th October. Preschool visits on 5th September and 12th September.
  • Intake 2 : Monday 13th November. Preschool visits on 31st October and 7th November.

New Entrant Dates for 2024

Term 1

  • Intake 1 : Monday 5th February
  • Intake 2 : Tuesday 5th March. Visits on Tues 20th Feb & Tues 27th Feb.

Term 2

  • Intake 1 : Tuesday 30th April. Visits on Tues 26th March & Wed 3rd April.
  • Intake 2 : Wednesday 5th June. Visits on Tues 21st May & Tues 28th May.

Term 3

  • Intake 1 : Tuesday 23rd July. Visits on Tues 18th June & Tues 25th June.
  • Intake 2 : Tuesday 27th August. Visits on Tues 13th Aug & Tues 20th Aug.

Term 4

  • Intake 1 : Tuesday 15th October. Visits on Tues 10th Sept & Tues 17th Sept.
  • Intake 2 : Tuesday 19th November. Visits on Tues 5th Nov & Tues 12th Nov.

To download an enrolment pack click on the links below.

Alternatively contact us to receive enrolment forms and information by mail.