Mathletics is also an important part of homework. In MLC, the expectation is that students gain a minimum of 1000 points in mathletics each week. In addition to this, students are expected to learn their addition and subtraction facts to 20 and multiplication times table.

Students are also given 10 spelling words. The spelling lists is based on individual needs. The spelling list is generated from words they have difficulty spelling in their writing as well as the spelling rules they are learning at school. These words will be written in their diary each Monday and should be practised daily at home. Please do sign their school diary each night to verify that they have done their reading and other assigned homework.

Homework at MHP mainly comprises of basic facts, spelling memorization, reading. It also includes Mathletics, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs/Eggspress for Years 1-6 students, ongoing exploration of research information and online forums, and discussions for individual and groups of students relating to current school projects and tasks where appropriate.

Homework will be relevant, authentic and within the student’s capability. The focus of homework activities in all areas of the school is to develop information, literacy and numeracy skills of students. Homework is aimed at complimenting classroom programmes to foster and encourage study skills, independent work habits, time management and to provide opportunities for child and parent interaction in these areas.


Junior Learning Community: The purpose of homework in the JLC is designed to consolidate and reinforce the learning that takes place in school. Each week the students will be expected to complete reading, spelling and basic facts homework. A reading book will be sent home each night from Monday to Thursday and a poetry reading for years 1 & 2 on Friday. Spelling words to learn will be given at the start of the week and will be tested at the end of the week. Basic facts will be set according to ability and these may be given through Mathletics, MHP online or written methods.

Students in the Middle School Learning Community have reading, spelling, and mathematics homework each week. The students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes at home. They are encouraged to choose and read their own books from our school or public library. Students are also able to access texts on the Reading Eggs and Eggspress as well and are required to complete the quiz questions to develop a deeper level of understanding.

Senior Learning Community: Homework tasks in the SLC are expected to further build on the learning partnership between home and school. All students are expected to read six days each week  for a period 30 minutes each night. Every fortnight students will have a reading response task to complete as part of their reading comprehension homework. Spelling lists will be generated for each students based on their needs from their classwork and words will be tested regularly in class. All SLC students are expected to work for 20-25 minutes on their Mathletics each night to earn a minimum of 1000 points. In addition all students are expected to know their multiplication facts 10×10 and addition and subtraction facts to 20.