2023 International Students Fees Schedule

All prices have been quoted in New Zealand Dollars.

Full Year

Full Year
One Semester
One Term
Tuition Fee $13,000 per year $6,500 $3,250
Administration Fee: non refundable, payable upon enrolment $1,000 per year $700 $700
Short Term Fees (2 weeks- 6 weeks)
Item Cost
Tuition Fees $450 per week
Administration cost $500 per student
Additional Fees  
Subject Fees Some practical subjects have a charge for materials or workbooks used.
Competitions Some academic competitions have a small charge to register
School Trips School trips usually have a small transport and entry fee
Uniforms Students to wear their own school/ PE uniform to classes. Approx $400-$500
Supplied Stationery Pack $40
Medical and Travel Insurance (cover 1 yr) $580 per year
School Camps TBA
Fees for Study Tour Groups Available on Request

* Insurance premiums are calculated on exact travel dates and may, therefore, differ slightly from these estimates