School Vision

Our School Vision is: ‘Growing Excellence through innovative constantly evolving personalised learning’.

‘Our Mission Heights Primary core values are Courage, Action, Respect, Empathy. Our CARE values are of great importance to us and are embedded into everything we do, say and learn at MHP. We use our CARE values daily as we strive to GROW EXCELLENCE.

Our School Motto is: ‘Growing Excellence’. At Mission Heights Primary School ‘Growing Excellence’ is about developing a habit; it is not a single act. Our vision is to enable students to achieve excellence in learning and in life by providing a rigorous, engaging, challenging and future-focused curriculum. Expecting excellence for all at Mission Heights Primary School is aimed at inspiring and directing students’ best efforts within the classroom and beyond to become active, positive and productive future citizens in a rapidly changing world.

‘Growing Excellence’ at Mission Heights Primary School involves:

  • immersing students in the full range of the school curriculum.
  • recognising diverse forms of excellence.
  • providing students with opportunities to learn through multiple modalities.
  • valuing subject matter as important in its own right and as a vehicle to think critically.
  • recognising that knowledge forms the backbone for creativity.
  • expecting students to achieve more than what others think is possible.
  • teaching students to apply their learning to practical, real-world problems.
  • promoting students’ ability to understand things from multiple viewpoints and to appreciate diversity.
  • teaching students to take personal responsibility for mistakes and learn from them from an early age.
  • teaching students to care about people and to think about the effects of their actions on others and the environment.
  • teaching students to use their knowledge ethically, promoting the universal values of integrity, honesty and compassion.

Supporting, emphasising and empowering all students to learn and achieve personal excellence is at the centre of everything that we do at Mission Heights Primary School.