Senior Learning Community

Welcome to the Senior Learning Community

The Senior Learning Community (SLC) at Mission Heights Primary School caters for all Years 5-6 students in 9 Learning Zones. The SLC  is led by an Assistant Principal and includes a team of 9 teachers, 3 learning assistants and specialist staff. 


Below is the list of the teachers in the SLC and their email addresses should you need to make contact. 

Assistant Principal SLC: Mr Adam Tamariki 

Wai Studio

Miss Montana Taogaga LZ13 (Year 5)

Mr Bill McCutcheon LZ14 (Year 6)

Miss Nicole Dennis LZ15 (Year 6)

Hau Studio 

Mr Adam Tamariki LZ19 (Year 6)

Mr Edward Gee LZ20 (Year 6)

Mrs Shareen Goundar LZ21 (Year 6)

Ahi Studio

Mrs Liz Hicks LZ22 (Year 5)

Mr Kiran Solanki LZ23 (Year 5)

Miss Nina Fachbach LZ24 (Year 5)