Senior Learning Community

Welcome to the Senior Learning Community

The Senior Learning Community (SLC) at Mission Heights Primary School caters for all Years 5-6 students in 9 Learning Zones. The SLC  is led by an Assistant Principal and includes a team of 9 teachers, 5 learning assistants and specialist staff. 

Below is the list of the teachers in the SLC and their email addresses should you need to make contact. 

Assistant Principal SLC: Mr Adam Tamariki 

Hau Studio

Mr Adam Tamariki- LZ19

Miss Nicole Dennis- LZ20

Mr Kiran Solanki- LZ21

Wai Studio 

Mr Edward Gee- LZ13

Mrs Wanda Wright- LZ14

Mrs Liz Hicks- LZ15

Whenua Studio 

Mrs Shareen Goundar- LZ16

Mr Bill McCutcheon- LZ17

Mrs Erna Bornman- LZ18