Education Outside the Classroom

All students from Years 1-6  at Mission Heights Primary are involved in a variety of independent and outdoor learning experiences out side the classroom as students transition to challenging and progressive  EOTC experiences during their time at Mission Heights Primary School.

The Junior Learning Community participates in a Junior Breakfast at school which involves all Year 1 and Year 2 students coming to school in their pyjamas, having breakfast at school and getting ready in their school uniforms to attend the whole school day independently.  The Year 3 students visit the Birkenhead Leisure centre where students take part in team building games, rock climbing, archery, bivy building and scavenger hunts over a two day period. These activities allow the students to bond with their peers and push themselves to do things beyond what they think they may be capable of.

The Senior Learning Community students are engaged in a variety of outdoor learning experiences that are progressively more challenging from their previous years experiences.The Year 4 students visit Sonshine Ranch where students take part in team building games, rock climbing, archery, bivy building and scavenger hunts. The Year 5 students attend  a 3 day camp at the Kauaeranga Valley Camp in Thames where they are involved in a range of challenging and confidence building activities. The Year 6 students go to Lakewood Lodge Camp for a 4 day camp where they are exposed to a variety of appropriate EOTC experiences. During this week, the students undergo a variety of experiences, to enhance their development mentally, socially and physically. Some of the activities include kayaking, low rope course, raft building, survival in the outdoors.

All EOTC trips are approved in advance and school Policy and Procedures in this regard are closely adhered to in order that safety and risk considerations are addressed carefully.