Our Year 6 students had an amazing time at camp last week and everyone returned fit, healthy and very tired! Please visit our facebook page for photos (including our principal on the water slide!). 

As a school, we are keeping as up to date as possible with regards to Covid-19. Our students and staff are being very responsible and ensuring that hands and surfaces are being kept clean.  Lunch boxes are now being kept in school bags and water bottles are not being held centrally in the classrooms. Our water fountains are going to be turned off, so please ensure you are sending a clean, full water bottle to school every day.  Whilst we are doing our best at school, please do not send your child to school if he or she is feeling unwell. If in any doubt, keep your child at home. 

Week 8 will be a quiet week, details of Tuesday’s Walk to School event will be confirmed on Monday. 

Please let us all remember our Prime Minister’s words and ‘be kind to each other’.