Family and Friends

Mission Heights Family & Friends (MHP F&F) is a voluntary organisation that works collaboratively with the school’s Principal, Management Staff and the Student Council to lead approved fundraising and social activities that unite the School community.

MHP F&F aim is to provide a link between the school and its parent community whereby exchange of ideas and sharing of information can take place to enhance a sense of community and where required raise additional funds for a wider range of facilities and resources to support the great work that goes on at Mission Heights Primary School to ‘Grow Excellence’ in teaching and learning.

New members are welcome to join the working committee anytime during the year or to just simply become a friend of the MHP F&F and help out with specific school and social community event/s and activities such as the Disco, Movie Night, distributing uniforms to needy families or an annual fundraising initiative.

We value every contribution made by our families and community organisations to MHP F&F fundraising activities throughout the year.

Community meetings are held regularly in the Meeting Place (holidays excluded) 7.00pm – 8.00pm.  Parents will be advised of the meetings in the weekly updates.

You are most welcome to join our facebook page MHPS Family and Friends,  send us an email at, or just come to our next meeting.