Student leadership at Mission Heights Primary involves creating opportunities for students to have a meaningful influence over what happens to them and around them. At MHP this happens in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, and involves students as leaders, advisers, ‘helpers’ and decision-makers, as well as consulting with them by asking their opinions and advice to improve the quality of all school learning events and programmes.

The MHPS Student Council is a group of students who undergo a rigorous selection process. They represent all students in the school and organise ways for their schoolmates to participate in school activities and decision-making.

Student councillors are selected for their positive attitude to serving their classmates and the wider school; ability to consult with other students and actively seek out and represent their views; and, show an acceptance of views and ideas that are different from their own.

The role of a Student Councillor is to give feedback and opinions in relation to school events, issues and process; and to feed-back the views of their class mates to the Council and the Senior Leadership Team. Thorough training and preparation takes place at the beginning of the year so that Councillors are aware of their responsibilities of representing their classmates as well as the responsibilities that the position entails.

Each year, 6 to 8 students are selected from Year 6 classes to be on the MHP Student Council. Once selected the students along with the four school House Captains serve a full year as a member of the MHP executive Council. The MHP Executive Student Council is convened by the Principal and meets regularly each week during term time to discuss and plan school wide social, cultural and academic events which also includes their own Graduation event at the end of the year.